40 minutes virtual lessons focused on teaching the science curriculum from only £5.99.*

Additionally, the prices of all classes within the plans are guaranteed during the closure of schools due to COVID-19.


*Reduced from the original price of £9.99 to provide an affordable and sustainable access to learning.

plans_1 copy.jpg
plans_1 copy.jpg

* As there are no lessons during school holidays, consolidation packs are provided to students for independent studies to maximise progress made within the term.


** Please note that all prices have temporarily been reduced to from £5.99 during the Covid-19 crisis. Usual online class prices are £9.99 each. These prices will return when schools reopen. Notification of price changes will be provided at least one month prior to these changes.


*** This provides exclusive access to tailored Grade 7,8,9 worksheet and tasks, PowerPoint presentations, assessments, worksheets, exam tips and more. These resources are updated monthly.


**** One-hour workshops are planned on an occasional basis. Coaching techniques will be used to guide students to identify personal gaps, appraise their progress made, minimise anxiety and use time effectively. Details will be provided when the session is organised (this will most likely be during the school holidays).  

Adept Tuition

Principal and sole tutor: Mr Shamik Amin

07552 377 989

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