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4 quick tips on choosing the best tutor for your child’s education?

Updated: May 28, 2020

1. Know whether the tutor is a qualified teacher.

A key element to appreciate is that qualified teachers know how children learn. It is a skill that is refined working in the profession. Teachers assess weaknesses and have the knowledge and experience of how to best develop underperforming children. When it comes to the future of your child it is vital to know whether the tutor has a teaching qualification. Also, to consider the risks of employing an unskilled or unqualified tutor.

2. Request a free trial.

A free trial is beneficial for both parties: the qualified teacher, parent and tutee. It allows the teacher to have the chance to assess the needs of the pupil. Tutees can see if they are engaged and feel comfortable with the teacher’s style. The parents can speak to the teacher before deciding whether the tutor is right for their child’s education.

3. Judge the rate.

Is the price right? Question whether the price is too low or too high. Think about whether you are going to be compromising the quality of education and whether the rate suits your financial needs.

4. Recommendations.

Check whether the teacher has any recommendations. Recommendations are a key way of knowing the track record of a teacher and is beneficial when deciding on the best teacher for you.


About me

I am a qualified, secondary teacher who can provide private tuition in Maths and Science for Primary, Key Stage 3 and GCSEs pupils. As a qualified and experienced teacher, I am able to understand the learning needs of all pupils and how to achieve the best results from them.

Contact me now to see how I can help your child to excel in both Science and Maths.

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Company: Adept Tuition

Location: Pinner, Middlesex.

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